We recognize that many of our employees use social media tools as another way to connect with customers and share information about Colleni.

Whether or not you are acting on behalf of Colleni, or using your personal social media accounts or blogs to talk about our products or our business (e.g., projects, promotions, sales, events and initiatives), always use good judgment and follow these guidelines:

  • To use Colleni -owned social media accounts, our logos and/or Colleni photo/video on behalf of Colleni, you must be approved and trained. Contact your store’s Social Media lead or the Corporate Social Media Team if you have questions.
  • Don’t post sensitive, private or confidential company information (e.g., unannounced product launches and promotions, internal sales results, company strategy, pricing information or comparisons).
  • Respect customer privacy. Never give out personal customer information (e.g., personal addresses, phone numbers or credit card information) or add information you receive from social networking to Personal Book or other Colleni tools.
  • Don’t post photos of or make negative comments about our customers and do not share details about customer visits—both private and public figures—without their permission (unless it is a marketed personal appearance for the Company).
  • Don’t post comments about a coworker, customer or vendor that could be perceived as harassing, threatening, retaliatory or discriminatory.
  • You may be legally responsible for the content you post, so respect brands, trademarks and copyrights.
  • Follow terms and conditions for social networking sites.
  • Comply with our Guidelines for Endorsers (see “Guidelines for Endorsers” on by disclosing your Colleni affiliation and noting that the views expressed are your own.
  • Ensure your posts do not create a real or perceived conflict of interest. A conflict of interest exists if you have an interest outside of your work at Colleni that interferes with your job responsibilities or affects your judgment on behalf of Colleni. For example, accepting direct advertising or any type of compensation (including products, samples or experiences with value) from a competitor for your blog or other social media site, including other stores or online retailers, can influence how you work with that vendor, thus creating a real or perceived conflict of interest. Please consult your manager with questions.
  • If you are receiving compensation from a Colleni vendor, or participating in a paid affiliate program, product posts must link back to to avoid a conflict of interest.
  • Get approval from the Privacy Department for contests or promotions directed toward customers or employees.
  • Colleni pays for all time worked, which includes approved social media activities on behalf of Colleni, even if it is just a few minutes.

In addition to the guidelines above and the Code of Conduct, you must follow all other Colleni guidelines and expectations, including the Privacy Policy and Privacy Trainings.